Terminal Services

Stevedoring - containers, break-bulk cargo, Bulk cargo. Heavy Equipment

We have a staff of over 50 full and part time stevedores that have been professionally trained to unload all types of cargo. We specialize in containerized cargo and bulk commodities, but also handle break bulk and heavy lift cargos. All necessary handling equipment is maintained on site.

Crane service - 18 tn Lorain up to 225 tn American

We have cranes available for all your cargo requirements. Our smallest crane is 18 tns capacity thru our largest crane rated at 225 tons capacity.

Container Yard
Trucks on dock

Forklift Services

We can provide forklifts to work inside vessels as well as on shore and stow cargo in delivery trucks or in containers for storage.

Warehousing in containers

We have 20’ and 40’ storage containers available to rent by the day , week, or month.

Trucking & dispatching

We operate a fleet of trucks and chassis for cargo delivery in Cap Haitien and throughout the country of Haiti. This allows us to meet the customers delivery requirements in hard to reach locations 7 days per week.

Trucking services
Trucking services

Pilot vessel (Tug Boat)

Vessel is currently in use as a pilot vessel with berthing assistance capabilities when required . The vessel is also available to deliver ship supplies when needed.

Container Handling - Storage, LCL container stripping, LCL container unloading

We offer services to strip , load, reload and repack cargo. There is a separate secured yard that local truckers can come to pick up LCL cargo from shipping containers.This allows local customers as well as NGO's to use our storage containers as a makeshift warehouse and partially deliver cargo as needed.

Container Yard

Refrigerated container storage

We offer 24 /7 refrigerated container storage thru our onsite Refer generator designed to plug in refrigerated containers.

Bulk or Break-bulk

Storage - we provide stevedores and longshoremen for all types of cargo. We can load delivery trucks on the pier for immediate delivery into Haiti. We also provide an option to load cargo in our containers for storage, with the availability to deliver or pick up at a later date. This allows customers who do not have enough warehouse space the flexibility to increase the size of thier shipments with our secured storage at the port.

Container Yard